About Us


Creation Story 

  • One afternoon of the year 1985, a department of mechanical engineering student who elaborate his great dream in front of his classmates that he'd like to follow the example of the greatness possessd by Jesus who carry the cross to save the people, and he will carry the Gear to save the industry in Taiwan. 
  • At that moment, he named himself as "Helical Gear", and Gear is just the foundation of industry. Aftertowards, he continued to study and study in his field of expertise with a passion. 
  • On February 2007, SUMALAYA ENTERPRISE Co., LTD. founded in Nantou County of Taiwan by carrying out our dream and fulfilling our promise. 

The Origin of Company Name

SUMALAYA : a saying in aboriginal language.

Meaning : child of the dawn

  • Whether it's a gasoline engine or diesel engine, you could reduce the volume and weight of the engine, increase the cost effective of fuel and lower the emission by using the turbocharger. Along with Euro 5, the specification of the exhaust gas restrictionsw in Europe, the demand for turbocharger has been substantially increased, so this industry is just like the dawn, and there are the foressable prospect, the huge growth of space and the potential business opportunity in the future.
  • The key point to upgrade turbocharger lies in the extremely high threshold of the professional technique, and the key to the victory lies in the quality and the innovative change of technique. Therefore, we welcome the dawn and encourage ourselves to be on the cutting edge of the technique.

● Company history

  • At the beginning, SUMALAYA is build from bunch of retired industrial military engineers, a power supplier who provied National defense industry and Aero space machine components. We do manufacture the materials such as 17-4 stainless, TI-6AI-4V, Inconel. Most of our customers are belongs to unique industry.
  • In 2010, the well-know brand of turbocharger manufacture has cooperating with us for Billet Comp wheel, Billet Turbine wheel and components. Under this situation we officially changed our name to "SUMALAYA  TURBO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.".
  • Since 2010, SUMALAYA turbo with a devotion to the research, development and professional manufacturing of turbocharger & components for performance market. By holding to the idea of development and create endless possibilities, the company creates its own brand name "SUMALAYA" and produces high-quality, high-precision and high-performance upgraded performance & turbo components.
  • THE WORLD OF NEW CENTURY / NEW GENERATION / NEW FEELING... SUMALAYA CBB serise (CNC Bearing Housing with dual ball bearing system) has now officially launched in 2017.


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